Come learn in a stress free environment! My classes are fun & educational workshops (taught by Tracy Power, Licensed Esthetics Instructor WA.) Each class includes theory, individual hands on work with a model and lots time for answering questions. I recommend dressing casual & comfy for working up a sweat during the hands on training portion of class.  Upon successful completion of the classes you will receive a certification with continuing education hours.

{Hair Removal Classes}

Sugaring This is a fun class and a sweet new service to add to your spa menu! In this class you will learn theory of sugaring method, client safety & sanitation, client comfort, proper technique, ergonomics, pricing, timing and suppliers. Theory and hands on work.

Wax 101 Lets reconnect with the basics of waxing! This class is super if you still feel the nerves when it comes to being proficient with your waxing services.  We will cover both hard and soft waxing basics on the various parts of the body.  Theory and hands on work.

Female or Male Brazilian, Bikini Waxing Ease your nerves when it comes to waxing the nether-regions! This class will cover proper technique, sanitation/contraindications, building speed & setting your prices. *Female & Male Brazilians are separate classes

Brow Shaping & Facial Waxing What to do with those brows!?  This technique focused facial waxing class will help you build confidence when shaping eyebrows & covers waxing all areas of the face.  Hard waxed is used.

{Skin Care/Facial & Specialty Treatments Classes}

Facial 101 This is a fantastic class if you are looking to refine your facial skills or improve your facial technique.  Each step of the facial service is covered (yes including extractions, hooray!) in detail including demonstration & hands on work.

Diamond Microdermabrasion In this class you will be learning the theory of microdermabrasion, proper technique & bracing, consent forms, contraindications, pricing structure & suppliers.  Diamond style machine.

Microcurrent Lift This is an in depth class, bring your brain sponge! Microcurrent is the very best natural way to re-educate, lift & tone the muscles of the face and stimulate collagen production.  Theory and hands on work, lots of note taking 🙂

Classic Lash Extensions No video or mannequin training here! Theory and individual hands on training with a model.  Sanitation, ergonomics, suppliers & self marketing are covered.

Lash Lifting  A more natural alternative to extensions.  Both lifting and tinting are covered in this class, demonstration and hands on work.

  • Certification classes are for licensed professionals {esthetician/cosmetologist} and currently enrolled esthetics & full cosmetology students